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SoothSeer: First Prologue.
First Prologue
This is a story i have been wanting to start for a very long time now, even before i met deviantart.
The story is about the mechanical successors of the Human civilization we know and their experiences throughout the milky way. As they find more and more evidence of an (now gone) Alien precursor  civilization  their goal becomes to find out the true history of how mankind came to be and what are the reasons of their actions and artifacts.
The main character of this story would be a very advanced android named Bellatrix by her human developers, her job was to peacefully manage the the people and the infrastructure of the country the was made responsible of. As time went on the Human race began to develop and so the technology powering Bellatrix continued to develop.
A massive religious war erupted in protest from a campaign of Earths corporate leaders to expand into another solar system. This was a violation of a world wide treaty made to keep the peace amongst
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Story page 1
Bellatrix made sure she sent scout robots using light manipulating stealth technology they could sprint and launch themselves from rooftop to rooftop without being detected. Their job was to observe the humans behaviours and customs while searching for the Valdez family home or fortress where they will negotiate land and peace, hopefully.
Meanwhile a slim android representing Bellatrix was waiting in the shadows with her bodyguards. Bellatrix and her guards wore a thick makeshift synthetic skin over their hard carbon exoskeletons, and were all nude (of course without any genitalia or breasts). Bellatrixes body being the most humanoid and attractive among the three one could only tell she was not who she seemed to be if they could see her hard, cold body move through her skin but her face was flawless and could fool the most observant or curious of citizens. She had a smooth pale skin and long black hair, due to the nature of the visual technology applied to androids her eyes had the wh
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Story Prologue: (need a good name), Sci-fi, 001
A highly advanced civilisation, ruled by an Information collecting AI named Bellatrix and her clone/copy android representatives, venture yo the stars to find out more about their space.
An explorer ship made to reach out to far away planets quickly finds an interesting planet populated by the same race of intelligent life that created Bellatrix, humans. (this was found via a probe plane released into its atmosphere that took pictures in the sky)
Eager to find out what is going on the Bellatrix representative (or known simply as Bellatrix if the original one in not present) aboard the explorer ship decided to land a base somewhere on the planet right away.
The planet had many similar features to the one Bellatrix came from except that the vegetation their had a few other common colors besides green like light blue or purple. Bellatrix placed the base in a calm sea surrounded by land, and at the same time she sent a small group of stealthy robots to nearby land to kidn
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CJ universe: Elisavet
a world very heavy in the belief in god (Christianity, catholicism, Judaism, Islamic, generally those religions).
the world consists of many many kings and queens, it is in a medieval setting.
most of the countries here are at peace with each other but many of them are dealing with their own civil wars against satanist worshipers, witches, warlocks, necromancers who dabble in bad spells, sacrifices, and rituals.
at first the evil civil war began as a large underground cult group trying to obtain power with bad magic, the monarchy powers repeatedly dealt with this Cult group with excessive force but were never really able to wipe them out for good.
during the war between the cult and the many monarchies many of the monarchs did terrible things to some of their lower class citizens to fight this cult group which inevitably lead to more people joining the cult to rebel against the monarchies and the rise of more cult groups attempting to bring a revolution.
some, rare , isolated monarch c
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Thats right,
in the past 2 years i was too dull to search the forums for low budget ways to capture my artwork.
Now that i have a clue what to do and the technology to do it, all the mind-blowing face-melting artwork that i unleashed to the world in highschool is coming to deviantart
its not comming right away
but as soon as i can capture my art and GIMP it, i will.

to those of you who are reading this much later than from when i posted this, GUESS WHAT
RIGHT NOW (maybe)
so you better start writing a goodbye note to your pet cat, and the will deciding which of your online friends will get the wacom cintiq tablet you sold your soul to Satan to get
because my gallery is going to blow your mind.

(If you are reading this at about the same time I wrote this than your time has not come yet,
at 1:00 in the morning i do not have the light or the permission to use the technology to capture my artwork. My sister is asleep and is most likely eating her phone like a dreamy marshmallow as I type this, so the rapture will have to wait.)


Crowbarofjustice's Profile Picture
Chris martin
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
my other online name is Deathomatic.
i found this site via Off Topic forums on kongregate.
i wish to grow up to be a concept artist.
i draw mainly pencil to notebook art, i like drawing character and giving them personalities and stories behind them.
i have an interest in Egyptian mythology and my favorite Egyptian god is Anubis, the protector and judge of the dead.
on kongregate i fill requests made by the OT forums community using the avatar creator tool and i have made some pretty cool stuff with it.
i am nowhere near an expert at drawing but i think i am very good compared to the people around me.

i talked to my dad about using the printer so you might see me re post these pictures in more detail and quality, because the ones i have so far were all taken via a phone.


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